Club Card

my+REWARDSClick here to fill out the online application for a Pathmark PERKS Card!

You can also fill out a card application at your local Pathmark.


Your card is accepted at all our stores. Please do not apply for membership more than once or in more than one store. To take advantage of our marketing programs, the members of your household should all use the same card number.

If you have been approved for Check Cashing Privileges - our check cashing policy is posted in each store. By acceptance of the card you agree to the terms of our check cashing policy. If any checks cashed by you are returned to us unpaid by your bank for any reason, your check cashing privileges will be suspended until both the amount of the check; plus the standard returned check fee are paid in full.

These cards are for your household's personal use only and will be void if altered in any way.

Please stop by the service desk if your card is ever lost/stolen or if you have any questions or problems with your card.

Pathmark PERKS Card Privacy Policy